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ECHO is one of these games that comes up frequently - and rightfully so!

You should get it, too!

5 Stars!

What an absolutely lovely game. Read our review here:


I played ech0 to introduce our Beamsaber group. It is SO quick and gets people warmed up so quickly, we needed a break just because everyone was teary-eyed after. I don't know another game that can do this, and at this pace.


Elisha says we've been making a lot of people cry (for the right reasons) lately! Thank you for the kind words!!! Hope the Beam Saber game goes great!


Got this in a bundle and played it online with some guys. We had a good time. The world-building was mostly smooth and the map-drawing was an interesting feature. In the end the mech-pilot diverted from the intended ending, but together we made the different ending work.

Glad to hear you made a good session out of it!

Thanks for supporting the bundle!

I'm inspired to try this solo sometime.


Weirdly, this doesn't show in any of the search results when I search for "echo", but if you found this page too, it's a really cool 3+ player storytelling game. It's quiet and sad and hopeful, dealing with war memory and youth, and it's got beautiful, easy to read layout and simple directions.

Basically, if you like the Miyazaki movies that have a little more bite to them, or the parts of Gundam that aren't about geopolitics and giant robots, or if you like stories that make children think and adults cry, this is one for you.

It's not challenge-based. You don't succeed or fail based on dice rolls, or anything like that. However, it is self-contained, and it hits hard.

You could even slot this into another mech game, as an interlude or backstory or epilogue, but you're def going to cry if you do that.

I would strongly recommend this to anyone.

It's really good.

Thank you for the kind comments! I'm wondering if putting "echo" into the tags would make it easier to search for...


In hindsight, the issue might be that it's ech0, not echo, so it doesn't search as echo. Putting 'echo' in the tags might work.


Delightful game that opens the imagination in interesting ways. 

Layout design is beautiful and the cover really helped evoke the idea of finding something once lost amongst nature.

Highly recommend


great game! after finding it in the bundle i had to directly use it for an one-off session with my d&d group and we had a great evening!

thank you!

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You're very welcome! If you want to explore more offbeat stuff, please check out some of my collections of favourite indie RPGs!

Games of #RPGSEA (Balikbayan and 99c Chamber of Death are in The Bundle!)

Games we have streamed 

Kai's Faves from the Bundle


Hey, just wanted to say thank you so much for including this in the Racial Justice Bundle. This is not normally the sort of thing I'd check out but my wife and I had an absolutely fantastic time with it. It's hard to find good tabletop content for just two players, but this really scratched that itch.

 Can't wait to check out more of your work!

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Elisha and I want to say thanks to both of you for playing! If you like 2-player games you should check out the Party of One podcast by Jeff Stormer, which highlights a lot of 2-player games from diverse creators!

And some of the Games we have streamed are also meant for 2 players!

I would also suggest Monolock and Become One, which are from our #RPGSEA friends who also took part in the Emotional Mecha Jam! Not necessarily 2-player, but other takes on the same themes that inspired Ech0!

Wow, thank you for such a detailed and thoughtful reply! I'll definitely look into these recommendations too!


WOW. Just WOW.
This for me was one of the best surprises in the bundle for Racial Justice and Equality.

I just finished reading it and I want to play it NOW.
Thank you.


May you have a great experience with whoever you play with! Thank you for the kind words!


This is a wonderful elegia; this is what happens at the end of a sci-fi movie, a calm walkabout through a long forgotten field of ruins. I loved strolling through this game and you will too.


Thank you for the kind words! Can I quote you on the game page?


Sure! :)

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Hey, seems neat. Check out my own Stranded, I think it could go hand in hand with it.


Can't wait to play this game!

Thank you! Can't wait for you to play either!


Gives one a wondrous, childlike feeling of exploring something beyond your understanding - with the chilling adult understanding of what a forgotten war machine represents. Also looks tight as hell.

Belated thank you! Means a lot.


The setting is remarkable and reminiscent of Iron Giant.
If I have kids would love play this with them.


Thanks, that means a lot! If you find the right kids to play with, that could be great.