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You are an adorable mutant wolf-rat.

  • You were bred by a mad werewolf prince in the darkness of a cramped prison for companionship and food.
  • You have WOLFLIKE JAWS, 2D6 RAT GROUPIES and a CHTHONIC ELDER GOD loves you very much.
  • You are a background for Troika!

Spawn of Zoltan escaped from our pamphlet dungeon 6 Bites for 6 Princes.

Spawn of Zoltan is an independent production of Role Over Play Dead and is not affiliated with the Melsonian Arts Council.

6 Bites for 6 Princes logo

6 Bites for 6 Princes logo

Compatible with Troika

Compatible with Troika

Game Jam  |  Troika Backgrounds Jam!

Game Design |  Kai Poh (@tunkaipoh) 

Graphic Design, Layout & Rat Photography  |  Elisha Rusli (@elisharusli)

Website  |  www.roleoverplaydead.com 

Social Media |  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Instagram  |  YouTube


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6 Bites Bonus

If you're paying me a dollar or more for this background, you get to claim a copy of 6 Bites for 6 Princes, the pamphlet dungeon where Zoltan and his spawn dwell.

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