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2 doctors in 1 body. Complicated collaborations. Risky medicine.

From the creator of ECH0 comes a 2-player roleplaying game about a complicated and extremely risky medical procedure. In space.

You are the human chief medical officer aboard the CLW-1948 Geneva, a medical starship of the Planetary Federation. In your day-to-day work, it's impossible to understand every alien physiology and psychology that you must mend. That's why you keep an up-to-date library of Ech0 drives, containing the collected medical knowledge - and personalities - of millions of medical experts from the many known sapients in the galaxy.

The ship has just received a new patient. Not a species you're familiar with. You find a drive with the mind of an alien medical expert who could help you save the patient. You join the Ech0 drive to your neural link. Two minds become one.

Your two lifetimes of training and experience have prepared you for this operation. Nothing could have prepared you for the complications.

  • GMless duet play, lasting under 1 hour
  • Random tables driven by playing cards
  • No guarantee of coherent theme or plot
  • No guarantee of survival for patient...or doctors
  • Inspired by the Sector General novels of James White

The Ech0 Consultation was created for the Cure Light Wounds Jam (2019) in about one day.

French translation by Khelren now available!

Also available as a free Korean-language demo thanks to ttrprsn666! See below!

Game Design |  Kai Poh (@tunkaipoh) 

Cover image | PIA23127, NASA/JPL-Caltech (Spitzer Space Telescope)

Website  |  www.roleoverplaydead.com 

Social Media |  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Instagram  |  YouTube

"The game was surprisingly emotional, for being so absurd, as we dealt with themes like isolation, addiction, community, racism, ethics, and so on!" - ttrprsn666


Buy Now$2.99 USD or more

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The Ech0 Consultation 2.0.pdf 46 kB

Download demo

Ech0 컨설테이션.rtf - FREE KOREAN-LANGUAGE DEMO 307 kB

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I've loved playing the original game of Ech0 very very much and seeing the email notification pop up of a new game in the same world made me gasp in excitement. I cannot wait to play The Ech0 Consultation! Thank you for doing amazing work.

Thanks, we hope you like it. Let us know how it goes.
It's definitely very different from Ech0. Although there's a small chance of a war flashback that you can use to link a past Ech0 game :)

Different or not, your design work is impeccable and I can't wait to look through it!!

I will of course let you know how it goes :)