Character sheets, more magic, more plot seeds!

Well, after a pretty successful public playtest session, I've put up the character creation checklist and character sheets in A4 and Letter (so important! Game designers, support both formats! At least for handouts and small stuff?).

Beta v1.4 addresses most of the other issues that T brought up:

  • Alternative goals when entering doomed combat with a superior enemy are allowed
  • Blending Elder Weed is more free-form now
  • Plot seeds for Highland Goblins, Spring Elves, Efaras and Harhunas, including a couple of stat blocks and at least one conspiracy seeking to bring down Harhunas civilization
  • FIVE more blends of Elder Weed (mostly not available at start)
  • New magic in the Small Folk and Big Folk sections: Songs and rituals!
  • Elves are now related to wolves! Kinda?
  • Goblins explicitly get two starting languages (Common and Goblin)
  • Marshflower halflings explicitly get one useless ability and one special advancement option
  • Hillfoot halflings get a Song of Supper!
  • You can be born halfling and raised goblin, and vice-versa!
  • Plus fixing another pesky broken link!


PIPEDREAM Beta v1.4.pdf 3 MB
Sep 03, 2019
PIPEDREAM Character Sheets - Letter.pdf 107 kB
Sep 03, 2019
PIPEDREAM Character Sheets - A4.pdf 107 kB
Sep 03, 2019
PIPEDREAM Character Creation Beta v1.4.pdf 697 kB
Sep 03, 2019

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