What's The Ech0 Consultation?

I've created a new GMless 2-player roleplaying game, The Ech0 Consultation, that shares a setting element with ECH0. It's about two doctors who must work together to save an ill patient, if strange complications and risky procedures don't get in the way. The human doctor on the scene doesn't have the expertise to deal with the patient's physiology, so they need to join their mind with an alien expert on an Ech0 drive.

(that part is actually inspired by James White's clever space doctor novels, the Sector General series)

The two players portray these physicians and deal out playing cards to generate random complications that could change the whole game. Their motivations or goals might be affected by what the cards say! Then at the end the players have to decide which treatment to go with - one is bound to be riskier than the other, and maybe one of you wants the procedure to fail...

It's free for the next 4 days, in conjunction with #CureLightWoundsJam, so please give it a shot!

You helped make Ech0 a success, so I want to see you playing The Ech0 Consultation. Rate it, review it, but most importantly, give us feedback! Post a Medical Log in the comments of the game, or reach out on Twitter, or contact us at www.roleoverplaydead.com.

We'd love to hear from you.


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